Entry Level Firefighter Degree & Certifcate of Acheivement


通过网赌的网址提供几个选项所提供的入门级消防员程度赚取必要成为专业消防员所需的认证。美丽华消防技术是通过国家消防培训的认可的区域培训方案(ARTP)。国家防火协会专业消防员的要求(NFPA 1001)标准直接嵌入到消防技术学位和成绩证书。

Entry Level Firefighter has been closely coordinated between our agency stakeholders, including San Diego Fire Rescue Department, Cal Fire San Diego, San Diego County Fire Authority and Heartland Fire Training.  The Degree & Certificate program is approved through California State Fire Training, so not only will the graduates of the program earn their degree, but will be ready to meet the “All Hazard” challenges facing professionals in the fire service and public safety careers by earning their Firefighter I Certification.


The quickest and most direct way to earn your FF1 is to attend the traditional Miramar College Regional Fire Academy offered through Heartland in El Cajon. (FIPT 381F &381G) The 486 hour academy meets Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays January through May annually.  Fire Recruits are either sponsored by local departments or may attend as an open enrollee at the student’s expense.  Scholarships are available. However, enrollment is limited. Due to several life factors, including costs and schedules, this may not be an option.

美丽华大学生谁成功通过圣迭戈消防救援联考的要求可能有资格为开放登记者(自主办)在火灾中招学院位置。 (fipt 381s)招生的15%是开放给谁通过抽签系统从考试过程中的热门人选选择美丽华消防技术的学生。圣迭戈消防救援有雇用谁成功穿过米拉马尔大学提供的圣迭戈消防救援学院开放式参保的优良传统。

美丽华消防技术提供了一个灵活,充分的资金替代消防学院的模式。在校园模型消除了对学生可能无法提供所有的FF 1认证培训以灵活的形式参加一个传统的学院谁障碍。十(10)模块(或课程)弥补FF1认证相同的严格要求。这些课程期间,上午,下午,晚上和周末计划提供多种的课程,以适应学生要求严格的时间表。全职学生可以在两个方面指导完成所有要求,认真规划。兼职学生可在三个或四个教学方面完成。技能审查和研究组则是为掌握必要的消防员1应试技巧组织的课时之外。

In this format, students can fully access financial aid options, veteran and active duty military students can utilize their Post 9/11 & Forever GI Bill and all students can apply for a variety of scholarships.  Student costs are minimal in comparison to the traditional academy, reducing financial barriers toward earning the Firefighter I certification required for entry level employment.

Vocational experience is a requirement to become a certified Firefighter 1 in the State Fire Training System.  Half-way through the alternative academy model students are eligible to become reserve/volunteer firefighter with San Diego County Fire Authority, Heartland Fire & Rescue, San Miguel Fire Protection and other Departments with reserve programs, starting the clock toward the minimal one year experience requirement working part time. Students interested in becoming seasonal firefighters with Cal Fire can meet the Cal Fire Basic Academy requirements by completing only a few more courses.  The remaining courses complete the educational requirements for the Firefighter I certification. After gaining the required experience and completing the Firefighter I educational requirements, students are eligible to apply for the State Firefighter I Certification with an option for National Certification through International Fire Services Accredited Congress. (IFSAC) or ProBoard Option.

新的入门级消防员学位和认证程序提供所有消防技术的学生平等的机会,以满足入门级需求。课程是全年开放,包括春,夏,秋和闭会期间,并随时可能启动。两周的最后一门课程“技能审查和认证考试”是在每年的一月和六月提供。上手,今天在登记 www.sdmiramar.edu